Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chevrolet Trucks are Work-Ready

When you're ready to get the job done right, Chevy trucks are work-ready. Our diverse truck lineup offers outstanding performance, pulling power, payload, fuel options, innovation, safety and capability — all designed with your success in mind.

We offer diverse cab types and configurations to fit the job at hand, including standard, crew, and extended. Plus, they run on a wide range of alternative fuels, providing you with the value and versatility necessary to meet your business needs.

For more information, including locating a GM Medium Duty Authorized Service Center go to our GM Medium Duty Consumer website.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Raybestos Rattlesnake™ 2014 Toyota Tundra is Ready to Strike!

Raybestos Brakes and Chassis have assembled an automotive dream team in the Phoenix desert to build a venomous off-road monster -- the Raybestos Rattlesnake™ 2014 Toyota Tundra. This desert sidewinder is carefully being hand crafted by Addictive Desert Designs, with help from the boys at Joe Gibbs Racing, TRD, Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek and it's finished with a custom wrap created by world famous tattoo artist Corey Miller.

The best part, is that you can win it! Just enter at http://raybestosgarage.com/contest/ for your chance to win this monster of a truck!

Opening track: "Fausto's Flamenco"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Hits the Road

Nissan just held its full-line preview for the auto media in Nashville, Tenn., and in attendance — thanks to Cummins engineers who drove it from Columbus, Ind. — was the same concept Frontier Diesel Runner we saw at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Even while filming our video of the concept, we saw people wandering to the display stand and drooling.

Since we didn't make it to Nashville we weren't able to take it on the short loop Nissan had setup for those interested in driving the Frontier. Thankfully, our friends at Green Car Reports did attend, and they had a few things to say about how it drove. They may not be truck people, but they enjoyed the little Frontier for its rugged torque and fuel efficiency.

They noted that Cummins still has more testing to do and possibly a few integration bugs to sort out, but overall the diesel Frontier offered a pretty good ride. Of course, much will be dependent on price for an engine option like this, and with a new Cummins coming in the next-gen Titan (set to debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in January), much will be riding on the acceptance of the 5.0-liter turbo-diesel V-8 before the little 2.8-liter inline-four-cylinder Cummins gets the green light for the next Frontier.

We hope to get a ride in the Nissan/Cummins concept soon, as well as the coming Titan and its new V-8 trubodiesel.

Images by the manfuacturer

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Real World Testing: 2015 F-150

Two and a half years before production Ford secretly tested six prototype F-150s with high-strength aluminum cargo boxes. The goal was to prove the durability of aluminum alloy through real-world extreme experiences that ensured the new F-150 could stand up to the tough work of our customers.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Spied: Global Ford Ranger

GM is about to find out, with the addition of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, if the U.S. market is interested in a small, less expensive and relatively versatile little pickup truck. Some analysts say that much will depend on the pickups' price, and depending on the customer reaction, other small truckmakers will be ready to respond. We've always thought the global Ford Ranger was a strong player, but Ford has said that the Ranger's price and sales volume wouldn't work in the U.S. and that's why it's not available here. Of course, it never hurts to be ready just in case.

This report from our spy shooters in the Rocky Mountains seems to bear that strategy out.

"We recently caught Ford engineers testing a prototype of an updated global Ford Ranger in the mountains of Colorado. The face-lifted prototype captured here gets a new front fascia and the camouflaged interior (partially revealed) shows that the interior is also getting some attention.

"The midcycle face-lift could be seen as a new chance for Ford to better tailor the Ranger for U.S. tastes — just as GM overhauled its global Colorado pickup specifically for the U.S. market. Of course, it would be very interesting to see the Ranger hit the U.S. market in light of the increased focus on smaller trucks from GM, Nissan and a new Toyota Tacoma likely in the works. But we know that's unlikely.

"With Ford's attentions and investment centered on launching the new aluminum F-150, and developing a thoroughly overhauled Super Duty lineup, it's unlikely that a U.S.-spec Ranger is very high on the priority list for Ford's U.S. product planners. Of course, if the compact pickup segment started to take off, however, one wonders how long it could continue to ignore this market segment."

KGP Photography images

From www.pickuptrucks.com

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The PAW Box by Rack-it Keeps the Critters Out Of The Garbage

Gary Kank of Rack-it Inc. shows us a completed and ready-to-ship PAW Box, which stands for Protecting Area Wildlife. Rack-it began making these several years ago in the Lake Tahoe area with great success, and now are available nationwide. http://www.rackitinc.com

Thursday, July 10, 2014

8 Ways to Use a Truck Rack

When most people think of truck racks, they envision contractor's trucks -- often beat-up pickups with precariously mounted metal racks in their beds. While truck racks are well suited to a contractor's needs, they are also very versatile, practical accessories with many different uses.
To give you a taste of why truck racks are so popular among pickup truck owners, here are 8 ways to use a truck rack.

1. Hauling ladders and lumber.
As already noted, truck racks are the perfect solution for a contractor's needs. Strong ladder racks provide a way to haul ladders and lumber horizontally without hanging them off the end of the bed. Painters, auto glass installers, and similar professionals may also find that truck racks make it easier to haul their equipment and supplies.

When purchased to suit a contractor's needs, truck racks need to be very sturdy and reliable. Most likely a rack that features a permanent type of installation will work best for these purposes.

2. The cyclist's best friend.
Cycling is a popular sport in many areas, but unless you have an awesome network of bike routes in your city, you probably have to drive to get to the trailheads. Therefore finding a way to haul bikes is an issue for many people.

Truck racks make a great way to haul bikes -- much more appropriate than some of the other options, such as trunk racks for sedans. While bikes tend to bang around a lot when hung on the end of a trunk, truck racks enable you to secure them better -- often without having to take off the front tire, either.

3. Hitting the slopes.
Skis are another piece of sports equipment that is large and unwieldy, making transportation difficult. Leaving your skis loose in the bed of the truck to rattle and bang around isn't good for either your skis or your truck, and most sedans don't have enough room inside to carry skis safely. Truck racks and roof racks for sedans and SUVS solve this problem by enabling you to fasten your skis securely to the rack.

4. Four-wheeling glory.
Four-wheelers and ATVs -- small vehicles that people often drive on trails and across rough terrain in parks and open space -- are another type of sports equipment that must be hauled to your destination. Believe it or not, you can haul ATVs on truck racks and ladder racks -- the racks are made to withstand heavy loads such as an ATV, and keep the vehicle level and steady during transportation. Truck racks also make it fairly easy to load and unload ATVs, giving you more time to have fun when you reach your destination.

5. Carrying kayaks and canoes.
There is seemingly no end to the sports equipment that can be hauled on a truck rack! For obvious reasons, kayaks and canoes need to be transported to your destination, unless of course you live in Venice or happen to have a river running through your backyard. No matter how graceful these boats are in the water, they are heavy and unwieldy out of it. Truck racks provide a strong, secure method of transporting kayaks and canoes from point A to point B!

6. A place to put your luggage.
Whether you are taking your family on a road trip or run a shuttle service, truck racks and roof racks for vans and SUVs provide a great place to stash luggage. If you have four or more people in your family or if you have full occupancy in your shuttle, interior space will be at a premium, so why not move some of the luggage to the exterior? Luggage racks can help cut down on sibling squabbles during road trips -- or, for the shuttle owner, they can help to create a more organized and professional appearance to appeal to riders.

7. Saving space with cargo boxes.
Even when you are not taking a road trip or taking on passengers, space inside a vehicle -- particularly a truck -- is at a premium. Just thing about all the things you take with you when you leave the house -- things that quickly pile up inside the car -- and you will understand what I mean.

A truck rack offers a practical solution to this problem, as it can carry a couple cargo boxes. Instead of keeping things you rarely use inside the truck, you can put them inside the cargo boxes, and save the cab space for more important things -- like your friends and family.

8. Just for looks!
Of course, you really don't need to have a practical reason to put a truck rack on your truck. Many people buy truck racks just because they like the way they look. Many truck racks -- such as certain models of headache racks -- are compatible with light racks and other truck accessories, making them ideal choices for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their truck.

Whatever reason you have for wanting a truck rack, you have every reason to be happy with your investment - truck racks are some of the most versatile and useful accessories you can buy!

 By Andy West

Andy West is a freelance writer for BuyAutoTruckAccessories a website offering a huge selection of Truck Accessories at the lowest prices.

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